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When you look at websites for weddings, a majority of the sites list the “Event Professionals” simply because the “professionals” have paid an advertising fee. I personally feel this is a huge problem in the industry.

Renaissance Floral Design Wedding Pros are listed here because I am very comfortable recommending them. These are not paid endorsements, and I would not recommend anyone that I could not personally vouch for.

All vendors included here are proven professionals, respected in the community, and have a strong passion for what they do.

About Paper Dolls of Saratoga

I've been creating weddings for years and somehow never met Cora of Paper Dolls. When I decided to surprise one of my brides with a monogram on the dance floor, I asked Cora (with whom I have never met or even spoken) if she would create one for me. Cora designed all the beautiful stationary for the event. Without hesitation her answer was, "Yes, no problem. When do you need it?" The usual DMS answer followed, "Today??" By 5:00 pm I had it in my email. At 9:00 pm, when I finally had some to open my email, I saw it. It was beautiful. Because of the application, and the fact this was my first attempt at trying something like this, I shot back a note to her to see if she could make an adjustment for me. Within the hour, I had it. That hour was 10:00 pm ... Bless her heart, another workaholic just like me. Little did I know, Cora and her team have been creating beautiful stationary for many of my clients for many years.

I am thrilled to add Cora to my list of Wedding Pros. She does amazing custom stationary and is a pleasure to work with.

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