Wedding Pros

When you look at websites for weddings, a majority of the sites list the “Event Professionals” simply because the “professionals” have paid an advertising fee. I personally feel this is a huge problem in the industry.

Renaissance Floral Design Wedding Pros are listed here because I am very comfortable recommending them. These are not paid endorsements, and I would not recommend anyone that I could not personally vouch for.

All vendors included here are proven professionals, respected in the community, and have a strong passion for what they do.

About Make Me Fabulous

Alaine will Make You Fabulous! Her and her team can take you from bland to glam for any occasion, hair and make up or what ever you need. For a full list of services you can check out the Make me Fabulous website. I have worked a lot of weddings with this team. I style the room and they style you.

Alaine, I love when I deliver the personal flowers to my brides, and there you are with that big tool belt of tricks strapped to your hips. I don't think I would recognize you with out it!

Thanks for making my brides Fabulous!

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