Wedding Pros

When you look at websites for weddings, a majority of the sites list the “Event Professionals” simply because the “professionals” have paid an advertising fee. I personally feel this is a huge problem in the industry.

Renaissance Floral Design Wedding Pros are listed here because I am very comfortable recommending them. These are not paid endorsements, and I would not recommend anyone that I could not personally vouch for.

All vendors included here are proven professionals, respected in the community, and have a strong passion for what they do.

About Corbin Gurkin

I have a had the pleasure of working with Corbin on both weddings and photo shoots. She has a brilliant eye and talent for capturing amazing moments. Not only for my clients but also for all the details we create when on a destination photo shoot.

Corbin is so easy to be around, Check out her site and you will see her work speaks for itself.

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