Wedding Pros

When you look at websites for weddings, a majority of the sites list the “Event Professionals” simply because the “professionals” have paid an advertising fee. I personally feel this is a huge problem in the industry.

Renaissance Floral Design Wedding Pros are listed here because I am very comfortable recommending them. These are not paid endorsements, and I would not recommend anyone that I could not personally vouch for.

All vendors included here are proven professionals, respected in the community, and have a strong passion for what they do.

About Christine Wheat Special Events Firm

I have worked with Christine on many events over the years. She is a professional and knows exactly what she is doing. One of may favorite quotes from Christine came to me when I had asked her to help me with the set up on a very busy weekend. She had been working with us for three days, as we were in the final stages of set up she turned to me and said "This florist nonsense is a lot of work! I'll take a clip board over this any day!"

I have worked with many coordinators and I think each brings there own special talents to the table. Christine is a true organizer and and she is very good about holding people accountable for there responsibilities. She never has an excuse, she only provides answers. She has a great grasp on the areas vendors and knows how to set her clients up for a beautiful event with no bumps in the road. If there are any you won't know it.

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