Chicken Palace Jewelry Box

MacKenzie-Childs Chicken Palace Jewelry Box

Product # 02 241 9108

New! The top section of our jewelry armoire, should you prefer to place it atop your own dresser. Right outside our windows, our very own Chicken Palace provides the inspiration for this spectacular piece. Add imagination and the result is uniquely MacKenzie-Childs: crackle finish and mirror mosaics; floral decals; hand-painted checks, stripes, and faux marbling; handmade ceramic rabbit drawer pulls, turtle feet, and finials; and a sweet blue bird perched on the rooftop. The two-piece armoire and jewelry box top has 39 drawer compartments (even some hidden ones), and each is lined with lush pink velvet. Hinged sides open to reveal a painted interior with hooks and storage for necklaces and bracelets. Imported mahogany armoire is hand-decorated and finished by our artisans in Aurora.

Dimensions: 28″ wide, 8.5″ tall, 16″ deep


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