New York in Bloom 2013 // NYS Museum

How do we do it???

Here is a little peek at one of the 100 exhibits at the Museum for the next three days including how we make it happen.

Special thank you to Will at Nuvue Cinema for pulling an all nighter on this mini-film to to have it up in time for today!

Design for a cause…

The New York State Museum has hosted this annual fundraiser New York in Bloom for 22 years.  All of the proceeds raised benefit the  Museum Club Program offering educational and creative environments for children and young adults ages 8 to 18 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. The show will be running all weekend, from Friday, February 22, to Sunday, February 24.

This is my 18th year participating, and my staff and I are honored to be returning once again. New York in Bloom offers us a chance to not only help a great cause, but also interact with the Museum Staff

Getting our design on 2012…

We love love love working with couples and bringing their visions to life, but this event offers us a rare opportunity to really go all out. Last year we were lucky enough to work with the Museum to show case some elements from the estate of Robert A Kelly in New York City, featuring custom made furniture by Alexander Roux.


Getting our design on 2013…

 A few months ago I had the chance to view the collection of items in an off-site storage facility, and one piece stood out. A vintage wood and glass hearse that had been restored and gifted to the museum  years ago. It had never been on display, and it was so cool I had to make it happen.  It took me a while, but finally, I had an epiphany… Once Upon a Time!! Not only would this allow me to feature the Hearse, it would also gave me the chance to incorporate some other items that had not been seen by the public.


With tremendous effort, the hearse was dismantled and reassembled by the skilled hands of many people at the museum.


Once the main feature was in place, the other elements began to come together.  Straw was being spun into gold by that little nuisance  Rumpelstiltskin,  Cinderella’s dress was floating in the air carried by blue birds, and that famous glass slipper was also on display. Even the  poison apple with a bite out of it, made completely out of flowers, was on display.


Please stop by and help support this wonderful cause. Bring friends and family to experience over 100 displays exhibited at the museum.

You can also check out the Times Union piece on New York in Bloom and our involvement. Below is a shot of some of the teens and their instructors who benefit from and help keep the program running.