Karah & Chris // Canfield Casino Wedding, Summer

Featured Photo

Our Fabulous Couple: Karah and Chris

Colors: Blush, Nude, Cream, Grey, Silver

Style: Vintage Glamour, Old Time Speak Easy, Gatsby

Flowers: Roses, Hydrangea, Cabbage Roses, Peonies, Dahlias, Ivy

Renaissance Extras: Linen: Silver Crush, White Pique, Smoke Moire, Blush Sequin Taffeta, Annette Silver, Bunya Silver, Ivory Linen, White Hemstitch Napkins, Pink Ice, Alluminette; Props: Flapper Lamps, Pedestals, Palms, Silver Tulip Stands, Crystal Chandelier Chain, Pewter Candlesticks, Mercury Compotes, Feathers, Crystal Candlesticks, Mercury Glass Votives; Rentals: Silver Chargers, Glass Waffle Chargers, Alice Chairs, Silver Charivari Chairs, Fruitwood Charivari Chairs, Champagne Coups, Pin Spots, Dance Floor, Draping

Vendors: Christine A. Wheat Special Events Firm, Clifton Park Rental Center, Matt Ramos Photography, Clark + Walker, Lily and the Rose Catering, The Canfield Casino, Make Me a Cake Next Door, Non Stop Music

Congratulations Karah and Chris!