Interior Design

With a showroom brimming with elements for any magazine-worthy interior and an impressive collection of elements for “Curb Appeal,” it’s no wonder so many local homes and businesses have the Renaissance Touch. If you want unique and fresh, you need to stop by our shop to see amazing finds for inside or out of your home or business.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry

When Gregg called and said they wanted a facelift, I was all over it. They wanted to freshen the store and reset the curb appeal. We Supplied the three fountains, the bench, the entrance urn, and the side urns next to the bench. Gregg and his boys worked like lightning! They had that space re-landscaped and ready for its new BLING.

It looks great Gregg! I can’t wait to set your holiday style!

New York in Bloom

Every once in a while, we get to show off. The New York In Bloom Event, held every year at the state museum, is a fundraiser for after school programs at the Museum. The photos shown are from when we were asked to create a display in the foyer of the museum to welcome everyone to the event.

The Table is designed for two couples. The main table was built in our shop for the event. The Sofas (Delano) made their debut at NYIB. The table is designed with the look of romantic candles that took several days to ” Wax.” Arrangements of urns filled with blooms are mixed with coral and glass bubbles to create a whimsical display around the centerpiece of “Wild Flower,” a Bronze fountain of a child in the reeds.

Doane Stewart School

When Dr. Enimark, the head master of Doane Stewart, called me to see if I could help set the front of the new Doane Stewart School, I was thrilled. I had just the item in mind for the centerpiece of the entrance. After 7 months, I found the exact fountain I felt was perfect. The young boy and girl frolic after school, still in their uniforms, with a flock of pigeons. This fountain is beautiful all year round and is dedicated to the memory of artist, friend, and wife of Dr. Enimark, Nancy Lawton.

The two cast iron “Gothic” benches were selected for the school from our showroom as well.