Hall of Springs Wedding // Pewter

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Every time I have a client walk into my office for the first time, it’s a process of introducing my personality to them. Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it takes awhile to get the feel-good mood rolling. After all, we are strangers in that meeting … or so I thought. Turns out my bride-to-be, Betsy, is a little stalker. She kept quoting some of the notes on this website, and every time she did, it just cracked me up!

She was so much fun to work with. I loved every second of the planning with her. She wanted all white with a few hints of silver and lavender. She had purple as a pop color, and when she told me about her little “Flower/Fairy girls,” I knew it was going to be fun.

Betsy and Mike were the first of three weddings in a row at the Hall of Springs. When I book multiple events at the same location, I can work it out so some of the rentals and item expenses can be shared. In other words, I can cut the costs and increase the bang of the buck. Not that it was a request from any of my clients for the weekend, but they all loved the good news when they got it.

I wanted to wait to post this blog until I had pictures from the photographer, but I just cant make Betsy and Mike wait any longer. I’ll add some images to the Event post when I get them so you can see the other amazing details we created for Betsy and Michael.