Forty Percent

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It was down to the wire. After months of planning with one of my favorite wedding planners Christine Wheat, it was time to call it … In? or Out?!

The Weather Channel, Doppler radar, iPhone, iPad, weather center radio and Farmer’s Almanac — all being checked for rain by Christine and her “Planets” (mini-Christine Wheats —  not to be confused with Mini-Wheats (the cereal) or elements of the solar system ).

My phone began playing the harp, which is Christine’s ringtone. She said, “What does Doppler say on your iPad?  I can’t get a signal!” I said, “40 percent,” which it did. Christine said, “OUT!”

Like moths to a flame … the entire crew of Clifton Park Rental, Renaissance Floral Design, Mansion Catering, the Planets and the chuppa builders were on it!  Chairs set, aisle measured, rose-petals down, chuppa fabric up, flowers attached and programs placed. The string quartet began to play … and all was beautiful.

As the bride was walking down the hill of the Fenimore Museum towards her ceremony, it began. A misting really. Nothing to worry about. But within seconds, 60 umbrellas popped up over the guests — before the bride even hit the aisle.

We’re 20 minutes in, and that gentle mist? It’s now rain.  The rain continued for 40 minutes — 55 if you include the misting.  The father of the bride leaned over to the Rabbi as the ceremony was coming to a close and asked if she would like to skip the Native American poem that was about to be read.  She pointed to the first line (which referred to rain)  and said, “Do you really want to cut this?” The rabbi continued on and finished the task of exicuting the ceremony that was planned with great detail and meaning by the bride, her groom, and their families.

Just a few moments later as we were lighting the last few candles we could hear the roar of the crowd as the glass hit the ground and the groom shattered it into pieces.

Christine turned to me, and said in a whisper that sounded like a growl, ” 40 PERCENT!”

Within minutes cocktails were flowing,  hot appetizers were being passed — all under the direction of Mansion Catering’s Top Gun Sean W., who was in charge of the event.  We created a  reception tent that was nothing short of magic. Rain? What Rain?  Everyone had an awesome time, and it was a spectacular event.

This is the risk you take with an outdoor ceremony and this family wanted it outside.  We had a rain plan, but the family decided to go with 40 percent. To be perfectly honest it was still a beautiful ceremony. The background of the lake with the low mist was breathtaking. Had we moved into a tent it would not have been the same, not even close.

Christine Wheat did an amazing job on this event. She did absolutely everything possible to make the whole process painless for the client and the vendors involved. She hired me, the caterer, the rental company, the music, and the photographer. She arranged every detail to perfection and really showed her skill by dealing with the issues of the weather as best she could.

Organizing a flawless event for 300 people on a lawn is no easy task. Christine uses her clipboard like a surgeon uses a scalpel! Having an A team with MANY, MANY years of experience is the only way to do it when you GO BIG for a wedding.

Christine, thank you for introducing me to this family and my first Fenimore Museum Wedding. It is a stunning location and I cannot wait to work there again.

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