David Michael Schmidt // Looking back on 2012

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Walking in my shoes…

On a daily basis I have people say to me “I would love to have your job!” While I don’t doubt that, I wonder if they understand the requirements. Your family may not recognize you when they finally get to see your face. The “Weekend” has a VERY different meaning.  If your current job allows you a second chance,  option of a redo, or room for improvement? Trust me… just stay comfortable. People that know me ask: “How do you have the energy to do it?” “Do you ever sleep?” “Why are you at work early and leave so late everyday?”  Yes, 80-plus hour weeks, every week, can be exhausting, not to mention wishing for more hours in a day. So now that you have been subjected to all my  “whining” take a look at this video, it’s a montage of a tiny collection of bits and pieces leading up to 2013.  This is why I do what I do:

The collection of footage was captured by the following incredible video teams: Al Woodard Vantage Video, Clark and Walker Studios, Full Frame Cinema, Niki Rossi Productions,  Nuvue Cinema, and Hauke Digital Productions who also spent the many hours splicing this together.

A huge shout out to all the PROS’ who all have the same dedication to our clients that I do: Angela Proffitt, Clifton Park RentalChristine A Wheat Special Events Firm, Dawn Bennett, Katie O, the Mazzone Group, Total Events,  Wedding Planning Plus and to my dedicated staff of Renaissance Floral Design.

In addition to the private family homes,  locations featured include: Appel Inn, the Canfield Casino, the Glen Sanders Mansion, the Hall of Springs, the Inn at Erlowest, the Lake George Club, the New York State Museum, and the Sagamore Resort.

And a special thanks to the couples featured who invited me into their lives to help start them on their paths as husband and wife: Alexis & David, Amanda & Shane, Amara & Matt, Constance & Peter, Crystal & Lou, Hillary & Chris, Jamie & Sean, Kristen & Michael, Laura & Mark, Lauren & Andy, Marika & Paul, Nichole & Luke, Niki & Chris, Shanna & Scott, Shannon & Ryan, and Sonia & Carlos.

For those of you who think you were missed…. We are working on another one so stay tuned!